Blues For Vets
The Beginning

It started as a small "Welcome Back" party
Then it grew into a big "Welcome Back" party with a band
Then it became a fundraiser
Then it became an Event!
Now it's an
Annual Event

Blues for Vets was first conceived when a community in New England came together welcome back Kim, a woman who was activated to go to the Middle East at the end of 2002.  After realizing that there would be potential for profits Kim was asked to choose a beneficiary for those profits.  She chose the Veteran Hospice Homestead.  As it happened, the event managers Pamela McMillan & Peter Hoiriis, the band Guitar Mikey & The Real Thing and dozens of others who contributed to the realization of the event shared much passion in supporting veterans.  It was then decided that it would be a worthy and rewarding effort to make this an annual event.  The first event raised more than $1800 in profit with no promotion, no funding or sponsorship, no headline act and less than five weeks from conception to execution.  Blues for Vets was born.